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Kim Hyun Joong
Dec 21, 2015 07:42 AM EST
Paternity Tests Prove Kim Hyun Joong Is The Father
Paternity tests have shown that Kim Hyun Joong is the father of his ex-girlfriend’s child, prompting responses from both legal teams and his parents. The issue of custody has yet to be settled.
Kang Doo Ri
Dec 15, 2015 09:02 AM EST
Death Of Actress Kang Doo Ri Thought To Be A Suicide
The actress, who appeared in the recent high school drama “Sassy A Go Go” was initially reported as having died in a car accident, but her death is now being reported as a suicide.
Kim Hyun Joong
Dec 14, 2015 02:58 PM EST
Kim Hyun Joong And His Ex Report For DNA Tests
Both Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend, known only as Choi, reported for court-ordered DNA tests today.
Yoon Eun Hye
Dec 11, 2015 12:57 PM EST
Yoon Eun Hye Apologizes For Plagiarism Controversy
Actress Yoon Eun Hye has apologized for the plagiarism controversy that arose after her appearance on the Chinese design program "The Goddesses' New Outfit."
Kim Hyun Joong
Dec 09, 2015 08:45 AM EST
Court Orders Kim Hyun Joong To Take A DNA Test
The Seoul Family Court has ordered Kim Hyun Joong to take a paternity test to determine whether he is the father of his ex-girlfriend’s son.
Kim Hyun Joong
Dec 03, 2015 10:31 AM EST
Which Scandals Made The Headlines in 2015?
Every year has its share of scandals but Korean drama was dominated by two major scandals in 2015 and both were carried over by events that happened in 2014.
Nov 19, 2015 08:02 AM EST
IU Fights False Online Rumors With A Lawsuit
Loen Entertainment filed a lawsuit against those who allegedly posted fake photos of singer-actress IU and used the photos to spread rumors about her.
Lee Min Ho
Nov 09, 2015 08:52 AM EST
Arrest Made In Alleged Investment Fraud Over Lee Min Ho Photos
A man has reportedly been arrested on charges of investment fraud that involved photos and DVDs of actor Lee Min Ho.
Jang Geun Suk
Oct 22, 2015 08:39 AM EDT
Jang Geun Suk Plans His Korean Comeback
More than 10 months have passed since Jang Geun Suk last worked in Korea, but according to a report in the media outlet Korea Times, the singer-actor is preparing his comeback.
Jo Hye Jung
Oct 20, 2015 08:55 AM EDT
Yoo Seung Ho's 'Imaginary Cat' Co-Star Faces Criticism
When actress Jo Hye Jung was cast opposite Yoo Seung Ho in the upcoming drama “Imaginary Cat,” the reaction was mixed.
Yoon Eun Hye
Oct 12, 2015 03:54 PM EDT
Yoon Eun Hye Wins A Third Round Of Reality Fashion Show
The plagiarism charges leveled against actress Yoon Eun Hye did not prevent her from winning another round of a Chinese design reality show.
Go So Young
Sep 25, 2015 01:22 PM EDT
Go So Young Cancels Controversial Commercial Contract
Actress Go So Young decided to cancel a modeling job after learning more about the Japanese financial company that she would have to represent.
Yoon Eun Hye
Sep 23, 2015 09:23 AM EDT
Yoon Eun Hye Decides Not To Attend The Busan International Film Festival
Yoon Eun Hye cancelled her appearance at the 20th Busan International Film Festival on October 1. The actress decided not to attend in light of the publicity surrounding her recent plagiarism accusations.
Kim Hyun Joong
Sep 21, 2015 08:33 AM EDT
Kim Hyun Joong Won't Meet Ex And Her Legal Team Anticipates Custody Battle
Recent statements by Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer confirm that the actor-singer will not meet with his ex-girlfriend, named only as Ms. Choi. But statements by her legal team suggest they are ready for a custody battle.
Clara and Polaris settled their 10-month dispute.
Sep 20, 2015 09:08 PM EDT
Clara Ends Her Alleged Lawsuit Against Polaris Entertainment
Clara and Polaris Entertainment reached a settlement, after a 10-month dispute.

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