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Lee Jun Ki Is A Man On A Mission In "Two Weeks"

BY Joan MacDonald | Jul 26, 2013 03:43 PM EDT

Two Weeks

There's nothing like a deadline to put things in perspective. That's what happens in the upcoming drama "Two Weeks. The hero of this drama is just wandering through his meaningless life when a couple of events send him on a tense emotional life-or-death chase.

The leading character of this drama is Jang Tae San, played by Lee Jun Ki. He's a man content to drift through life. Then one day he is falsely accused of murder. He also finds out he has a daughter and that his daughter has leukemia. Suddenly his life shifts into focus. He has to save his sick daughter and he has to do so while running from the law and a hit man.

In the stills for this drama, Lee Jun Ki, who previously appeared in "Arang and the Magistrate," "Iljimae" and "Operation Proposal," looks like a man with a mission.

The thriller chase drama will also star Kim Se Yeon, who appeared in "Prosecutor Princess" and the saeguk "The Great Seer," as the prosecutor who is determined to find him.

Ryu Soo Young plays Im SeungWoo, a talented detective who wants to lock up Tae San.

"It's my first time playing a detective and I'm looking forward to it," said the actor who appeared in "My Princess" and "Ojakgyo Family."

 His character also enters into a love triangle with Tae San and Seo In Hye, played by Park Ha Sun. In Hye is the first love that Tae San hasn't seen in years but can't forget. He does not know that she raised his daughter alone for eight years. No sooner does he discover that he has a daughter than he learns she is dying.

Park Ha Sun said she took the role because when she read the script the character really touched her heart.

The most recent addition to the cast is actor Bae Je Gi, who will play a gangster named Dae Ryong. The owner of a pawnshop, Dae Ryong helped frame Tae San for murder.

"I am happy to be in a drama with such wonderful people," said Bae Je Gi. "It was tough getting used to the character but I did and I want to do a good job."

Song Jae Rim, who played a warrior in "Moon Embracing The Sun" and Jung Il Woo's friend in "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" will play one of Lee Jun Ki's pursuers.

The drama starts on Aug. 7 after "The Queen's Classroom."

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