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Are You "Looking Forward To Romance?"

BY Joan MacDonald | Aug 13, 2013 02:49 PM EDT

Choi Daniel
Kim Ji Won

Drama lovers can look forward to some romance in the upcoming two-episode pilot drama "Looking Forward to Romance." But who will the lucky couple be? In some reports, Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won will be the lucky couple, but other reports say Choi will be teaching BoA a thing or two about love. Love triangle anyone?

In "Looking Forward to Romance, also called "Expect to Date," four young people with different ideas about romance start to date. Some of their ideas about dating may clash.

Choi Daniel plays Cha Gi Dae, a dating coach who thinks he knows what women think. Kim Ji Won plays Choi Sae Rom. BoA plays Joo Yeon Ae and ZE:A's Im Si Wan plays Jung Jin Kook.

The first script reading went well and all the actors seemed to get along. But once the cameras started rolling, even seasoned actors can get edgy.

"I was nervous because it was my first shoot in a while," said Choi, who was last seen as a teacher on the drama "School 2013 and appeared before that in the drama "Phantom." "But I had fun because the mood was so bright on set. I have a feeling this piece is going to be great."

Kim Ji Won also had an unexpected case of nerves.

"I thought I would not be nervous because we had such long script readings but I still felt anxious once shooting started," said Kim, whose last drama appearance was playing Seol Han Na in the comedy "To The Beautiful You."

BoA's character Joo Yeon Ae has an unfortunate history of dating bad boys. In the drama Cha Gi Dae will help Joo Yeon Ae by teaching her some dating skills. 

It's singer BoA's first TV acting role although she can be seen this year on the big screen in the dance film "Make Your Move 3D." Officials at Y Tree Media, which produces the drama, said they were impressed with BoA's dedication to her role.

"I'm charmed with her sincere passion and her firm will to do her best," said Lee Eun Jin, the drama's producer.

Im Si Wan will play Jung Jin Guk, a man in love. The idol actor appeared in the dramas "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" and "The Equator Man."

"I'm happy I joined the drama," said Im Si Wan. I'm looking forward to it because the script was so much fun."

The drama is expected to air in September. It might be extended by several episodes or get a second season if viewer response is favorable.

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