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Kim Woo Bin Cannot Lie. He's Better Looking Than Lee Min Ho.

BY Joan MacDonald | Sep 04, 2013 11:04 AM EDT

Kim Woo Bin

When it comes to ranking kdrama actors on their looks, Lee Min Ho usually places pretty high on the list. But when Kim Woo Bin was on a recent talk show, he jokingly told the interviewer that he was the better-looking actor.

In the past the "School 2013" star has said that he does not think he is good looking at all.

"When I'm at home, I sometimes look in the mirror and am shocked by how ugly I am," said Kim.

Getting fixed up for a drama can help.

"When I get my hair and makeup done and wear clothes my stylist gives me, the way I walk changes," he said.

But maybe he was just playing down his looks to be modest. When he was a guest on the radio show "Shindong's Shim Shim Tapa" this week, he talked up his upcoming drama "The Heirs." And you can't discuss "The Heirs" without mentioning its very attractive star, Lee Min Ho.

"Lee Min Ho is the best looking actor in the drama," said Kim Woo Bin. "He truly is a boy over flowers."

He was referring to Lee Min Ho's role in the drama "Boys Over Flowers," in which he played the high school's most attractive and wealthiest student.

Suepr Junior's Shindong, who was the show's emcee, asked the young actor if he ever thought he was better looking than Lee Min Ho. Kim had to give his answer while hooked up to a toy lie detector test.

He was once again negative about his looks, almost repeating his earlier statement.

"Every morning when I look in the mirror, I am surprised that I can be an actor with this face," said Kim. "Lee Min Ho may have a better face, but I have the better body."

Being modest might not work when you are hooked up to a lie detector, even a toy one. Shindong pointed out that according to the test, Kim was lying. The audience laughed and Kim confessed.

 "I guess I think I am better looking than Lee Min Ho," he said.

In the past he has also compared himself favorable to Lee Jong Suk, his "School 2013" co-star, saying he is more attractive as Kim has broader shoulders and he's taller.

Sounds like he can't decide if he's good looking or not? What do you think?

 "The Heirs" will premiere Oct. 9. Kim Woo Bin will play the heir to a luxury resort. His character is smart and witty but careless with his studies.

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