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Kim Nam Gil Injured On The Set Of "Pirates"

BY Joan MacDonald | Sep 05, 2013 11:06 AM EDT

Kim Nam Gil

Poor Kim Nam Gil. First he had to leave the set of his new film "Pirates" because he was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. Now an injury sustained during one of the film's many action scenes has forced him to take another break.

The actor was bruised when he fell but his management agency, Star J Entertainment, said that it's not a big deal

"Kim Nam Gil was injured while filming Pirates but it's nothing to worry about," said a representative from his agency. "He is currently at home resting and will return to the film set according to schedule."

Last month, the actor received treatment at a hospital because he was exhausted and dehydrated. That exhaustion might be attributed to finishing up his hectic shooting schedule for the revenge drama "Shark" and then heading straight to the set of the film "Pirates" to start working. It did not help that his "Pirates" scenes were so strenuous and much of the filming took place outdoors.

"He has very difficult scenes in the film," said his agency representative. "He had to run continuously in very hot weather and so he became dehydrated."

After a short rest he returned to set in good health and resumed working long demanding days.

The actor is known for his dedication and working even though he is in pain. The set of "Pirates" is not the first set he was injured on. While filming an action scene in "Shark," he cracked a rib. Doctors told him to rest for two to three weeks but he took painkillers and returned to the set in few days.

Fortunately, his second absence from the set of "Pirates" is not expected to cause any delays in the filming schedule.

The $9 million movie has been called the Korean version of "Pirates of the Caribbean," but the plot differs. In "Pirates" a woman, played by Son Ye Jin, mans the Joseon-era ship. There are two groups of landlocked bandits who don't like each other. Kim Nam Gil heads one of those bandit bands and he will form an alliance with Son Ye Jin to hunt a ghost whale who has swallowed a royal seal sent from China. Fans who loved the chemistry between Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil as a doomed couple on "Shark" are hoping they will end up together at the movie's end.

The film also stars f(x)'s Sulli, Lee Kyung Young, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Soo and Shin Jung Geum.

"Pirates" will be released in 2014.

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