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Suzy Attends Her New Film ‘The Sound of a Flower’ Showcase

BY Jennifer Kim | Nov 05, 2015 07:35 PM EST

Suzy discussed her role in 'The Hymn,' during her press conference for the film.

Actress and member of the k-pop girl group Miss A Suzy attended the press conference (showcase) of a historical film "The Sound of a Flower."

The showcase of the upcoming film "The Sound of a Flower," which premieres in Korea on Nov. 25, 2015, took place yesterday in Seoul. In addition to actress Suzy, actors Ryoo Seung Ryong, Song Sae Byuk, Lee Dong Hwi and director Lee Jong Pil attended the showcase and discussed the film.

The film "The Sound of a Flower" is a story about pansori, a traditional Korean storytelling performance with songs. The film chronicles a female pansori singer's life during the times female pansori singers were not allowed to sing on stage in front of the audiences. Suzy plays a talented female pansori singer, and actor Ryoo Seung Ryong plays her mentor. Suzy in the film cross dresses as a man to be able to perform pansori in front of the crowd.

Suzy showed up at the showcase wearing a camel colored wool coat and pink shoes. Suzy said during the showcase that she found singing pansori challenging but was content with her performance.

The historical film "The Sound of a Flower" starring actors Suzy and Ryoo Seung Ryong will premiere in Korea on Nov. 25, 2015. In addition to "The Sound of a Flower," Suzy recently confirmed to film a KBS drama "Uncontrollably Fond" with actor Kim Woo Bin.

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