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Park Jin Young Keeps It Simple To Protect Wife's Privacy

BY Joan MacDonald | Oct 09, 2013 11:56 AM EDT

Park Jin Young

When it comes to celebrity weddings Park Jin Young's is going to be on the small side.

When the singer and star of "Dream High" and "Dream High 2" was asked about his wedding plans during the press conference for SBS' K-Pop Star 3, he said there would only be about 100 guests attending the ceremony.

"There isn't much to prepare," said Park, 40. "It will be a small wedding."

Only friends and family will attend. And the wedding will take place at an undisclosed location.

As the founder of JYP Entertainment, Park is very well known but his wife is not a celebrity. Although it was love at first sight for both of them, she hesitated about marrying a celebrity because she is shy and values her privacy. It took Park a while to gain her trust and assure her that he would protect her from the negative aspects of celebrity life. He vowed to keep their life together as private as possible and she finally accepted his proposal.

Keeping the wedding simple and private was a good start.

"I would like her to continue to live a normal life," he said when he announced his plans to marry.

Park said that his bride, who is nine years younger, was the woman that inspired him to write the song "You're the One." That song was featured on his 2012 mini album.

Altogether Park has released seven albums, as well as composing and producing over 31 singles for artists and groups such as Rain and Wonder Girls. He was one of the first Asian producers to cross over to the U.S., producing music for Will Smith.

He also earned the distinction of being the first Korean songwriter to reach the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with the Wonder Girls hit "Nobody." His entertainment agency manages many top k-pop acts, including 2PM and miss A.

Although most people know him as a singer/songwriter/producer, he also received a "New Best Actor of the Year" award at the Baek Sang Awards for his "Dream High" role as the teacher Yang Jin Man. He can also be seen in the film "Five Million Dollar Man," which was released in 2012.

This will be Park's second marriage. He divorced Seo Yoon Jeong, his wife of 10 years in 2009. They were a couple for 16 years but said they were divorcing because they had grown apart.

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