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‘The Mystery Housemaid’ Lee Sung Jae’s Hidden Looks

By Staff Writer | Oct 18, 2013 07:35 PM EDT

‘The Mystery Housemaid’ Lee Sung Jae’s Hidden Looks
(Photo : SBS)

Actor Lee Sung Jae released behind the scenes footage.

Lee Sung Jae plays the frustrating role of a father in SBS's Monday/Tuesday drama "The Mystery Housemaid."

On this picture released on the 17th, there are pictures of his filming on the set of "The Mystery Housemaid." He is doing unusually well with the children unlike his role

In "The Mystery Housemaid" he doesn't even know that he loves the kid and merely survives day after day. His role is so real that viewers are criticizing him for the role that he plays.

However, on the actual filming set, he is joking around with the kids and playing with them as he's quite the father figure. He normally has a great sense of humor so he jokes with the kids and plays simple games as he takes care of the youngest, Kang Ji Woo. He is being a great warm father and thus the kids are following him well.

Especially because Lee Sung Jae doesn't have any sons, through "The Mystery Housemaid" he has two new sons, Chae Sang Woo and Nam Da Reum. Thus, they are spending their free time wrestling or playing games.

Like this, he plays the role of a frustrating father on the screen but shows the best images of a father and therefore, the kids and not getting bored during the long wait periods and carrying on. They even call him Dad on the filming set and following him.

A personnel from "The Mystery Housemaid" said, "When you look at Lee Sung Jae and the kids, they're always laughing. And Lee Sung Jae looks after them like their one. The four kids and Lee Sung Jae have such great chemistry that reflects in the drama which is why people are showing great responses to the drama."

Meanwhile, "The Mystery Housemaid" is about the anecdotes of a single father who lives with four children and the housemaid Park Bok Nyuh (played by Choi Ji Woo) who comes to live with them.

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