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Lee Joon Ki’s Agency Releases Statement Regarding His Depression

BY Chin D | Oct 19, 2013 01:21 PM EDT

Lee Joon Ki

Lee Joon Ki admitted in a recent interview that he's facing depression after finishing his drama "Two Weeks".

The actor said, "I lived as Jang Tae San for a long time, and I had a lot of love for the drama. I was sorry that it ended, but still, I am emotionally exhausted."

On October 18, his agency released a statement regarding what the actor is going through. The representative said, "While Lee Joon Ki has opened up about his depression in recent interviews, it is not serious enough that fans would need to worry about him."

"Lee Joon Ki gave his all for this drama, and we believe that he's feeling empty because he hasn't fully let himself free from his character Jang Tae San. He is currently taking a break, and he plans on coming back with a new project."

Despite his confession about depression, Lee Joon Ki said that he is excited about his upcoming projects.

"We have plans to hold performances and fan meetings in Korea, Japan and China. After that, I want to quickly have another project. By the first half of next year, I want to finalize all the projects and plan other activities as well."

"Two Weeks" ended last September 26 and reached its highest rating of 10.4% with the last episode.

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