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Ji Sung And Park Bo Gum May Team Up For 'Entertainer'

BY Julie Jones | Feb 19, 2016 08:03 AM EST

Ji Sung and Park Bo Gum
(Photo : KDramaStars)

Ji Sung and Park Bo Gum are both considering roles in a drama tentatively titled "Ddanddara" or "Entertainer." But that's not a straightforward translation. In Korea "ddanddara" is not-so-nice name for an entertainer.

The role Ji Sung is considering is that of Shin Suk Ho, a man who was once the head of Korea's biggest entertainment agency. When Shin ruled the entertainment world, he only had to want something and it happened. His name opened doors and talented performers sought him out for representation.  But then he  decided to start his own agency and wound up managing rookies. He no longer has any power. Having other people consider you third rate is not easy when you've been number one.

Park Bo Gum's agency, Blossom Entertainment has not yet released any details about his proposed role, but he could likely be the rookie talent that Ji Sung's character recruits. Park recently charmed audiences in the hit drama "Reply 1988."

Ji Sung, who won the Daesang for his last drama, "Kill Me, Heal Me," re-signed with his agency Namoo Actors during the first week of February. At the time his agency said he had many roles to choose from.

"The neverending love calls for Ji Sung come from inside and outside of the nation," said a representative from his agency. "There are currently more than ten dramas among the productions that Ji Sung is discussing. It is no exaggeration to say all types of dramas have sought out Ji Sung, from dramas due to air in the next few months to dramas that are far from production."

Will Ji Sung choose "Ddanddara?" Will Park Bo Gum?

Yoo Young Ah, who wrote "Pretty Man," is writing the drama's screenplay. Yoo also worked on the films "The Royal Tailor" and "LIke for Likes." The drama is aiming for an April air date.

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