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Drama Review 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 15

BY HanCinema | Aug 30, 2016 10:45 AM EDT

At long last, Myeong-cheol has explained the plot to Bong-pal so that it is here, in the fifteenth episode of a sixteen episode drama, that the main character finally learns that the villain even exists. Writer Lee Dae-il-I is also fairly liberated- he no longer has to come up with convoluted explanations for how Hye-seong is able to commit such horrible crimes without anyone noticing. Lucky thing his plan of hanging out with Hyeon-ji until her memory relapse actually worked.

Which it should not have. I know I harp on these plot specifics a lot, but really. Even assuming Hyeon-ji remembered where she left the artifact, Hye-seong also has to assume that in the last several years no one ever bothered to move it. He takes a pretty insanely high number of risks considering that after all this time it's still pretty vague what the artifact actually does. Hye-seong doesn't drop his glower even upon finally getting his hands on it.

As expected, the big fight is also a disappointment mostly because Hye-seong's abilities have never been clearly defined. This is also a problem that has plagued most of the ghost fights. It's an issue with the writing I've generally found to be unforgivable, because the choreography in "Bring It On, Ghost" is so good that it really is such a huge waste to use it on fights with such poorly defined stakes, where the good guys win because they punch harder. The decisive blow is quite literally just hitherto unseen magic.

But this is all just the final culmination of tonal issues that have plagued "Bring It On, Ghost" almost from the beginning. The production team wants to make a cute romantic comedy starring Taecyeon andKim So-hyeon-I, they also want to make a lot of exciting ghost fights, and they also want to do a serial killer plot where we see people brutally murdered on-screen. The first two are doable. The third has just been a horribly unwelcome distraction.

Still, it is relieving, I suppose, to know that the Hye-seong plot is finished, so the final episode will hopefully just be more of the drama's strong points unhindered by Hye-seong's storyline. The preview, at least, does give good cause to be optimistic. There are plenty of decent comedic set-ups, hints at generally cute resolutions, and a possibly fantastic cameo provided the production team plays their cards right. The production team "Bring It On, Ghost" in general has been reasonably competent- they just haven't been given very good cards.


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