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Drama Review 'Woman with a Suitcase' Episode 4

BY HanCinema | Oct 08, 2016 08:12 AM EDT

"Woman with a Suitcase" is moving right along. Nothing loses steam as the episodes plow forward. Characters' backgrounds have bits and pieces revealed. Those same characters grow, however painfully. The case of the episode is interesting and full of fun twists and moral dilemmas that everyone tackles in different ways. What a refreshingly mature and fun drama this is.

Perhaps the only downside to the drama is Bok-geo's very dominant personality and his penchant for abusing his legal powers over Geum-joo. Luckily, she is a tough cookie and never lets him get a word in edgewise, but it is still frustrating to see how domineering he is with her, and how kind and attentive he is to a former client who is very damaged and still in desperate need of legal justice. This former client shines a light on Bok-geo's core personality, but also onto his past as a lawyer and all the dark things that pushed him away from the profession. Most certainly those dark things will creep into Geum-joo's life even further (they threw her in jail), and they will also attempt drag Seok-woo and the rest of Golden Tree firm down with them. I like that the show wastes no time establishing this shadowy enemy and its dangers.

A large obstacle for Geum-joo in this episode of the drama, and sure to be one in the future, is her insecure, ladder-climbing younger sister Hye-joo who will do anything, including submit to lascivious requests from clients, in order to gain entry into the upper echelons of the legal world. The sisters do have a history of warmness between them that has been stifled by jealousy and competition. This drama will give Hye-joo ample opportunity to play out her ill will, then hopefully, grow and change.

As for Seok-woo, this newbie is no pushover. He's most definitely got gumption belied by his timid exterior. He respects Geum-joo and perhaps has budding feelings for the brilliant, headstrong woman. The way his story and the stories of the other characters interweave don't seem forced. Nothing in the fabric of this drama seems contrived or placed into the texture just to amp up tension, which is much appreciated in a drama climate of gimmicks for ratings.

Until now Geum-joo hasn't really gotten a break amongst all the happenings of the drama. She is forced to tamp down her pride and play by others' rules, but that hasn't stopped her. It makes her a strong titular character and I appreciate her to no end.


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