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Drama Review 'Woman with a Suitcase'' Episode 6

BY HanCinema | Oct 19, 2016 05:39 AM EDT

The Golden Tree legal family is starting to learn to work as a team and the only person who feels removed is Bok-geo. His jealousy over Geum-joo's attentions and his secrecy about his old case have inserted a wall between him and the others. That's okay, though. We got enough wonderful material coursing through the veins of this show to take us a long way.

One aspect of the show I am not enjoying, although I do love it for the most part, is the very dominant Bok-geo flirtation with Geum-joo. He is so domineering in his affections for her that it comes off as arrogant chauvinism rather than charming. He manipulates and forces her into things, and that isn't okay. In this case, Seok-woo is a much more attractive option because he respects her, treats her right, and is a confident, independent man. Unfortunately these types are never chosen to be part of the final pairing. For once I'd love if a jerk didn't get the girl, especially since Seok-woo is loosening up as he grows closer to the members of the Golden Tree legal team.

Geum-joo is suffering through her messy divorce and the cruelty of her ex, the cruelty of the judgmental legal community, and through Bok-geo's unromantic advances on her. Through it all, she grows and learns about herself and her career. She learns that not having a lawyer's pin is okay because she is an integral part of a team and does make a difference in her clients' lives. She is teaching Seok-woo how to be more open as well and it's fun to see them banter and learn together.

Hye-joo has acknowledged her selfishness and sees that it makes her hard to relate to with her clients. But more than that, she has discovered that her boss has a connection with a very creepy man who once threatened her and landed her sister in jail. Finally, the mystery is becoming more real and present. I thought it would never come to late at the rate the drama was exposing it.


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