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Drama Review 'Road to the Airport' Episode 10

BY HanCinema | Oct 21, 2016 05:01 AM EDT


The vicious circle of rationalization takes hold in this episode of "Road to the Airport"- and I was surprised to find that it actually motivates Soo-ah and Do-woo to make constructive long-term decisions rather than destructive ones. Major confrontations force them to realize that there are few things in life they genuinely care about at this point. All the same, given the general enmity Soo-ah and Do-woo feel toward their current spouses, they're making the tactically sensible decision not to try and solve their problems with more romantic love.

It's funny because up until now the supporting characters have seemed like the more level-headed ones, trying to steer Soo-ah and Do-woo into more conservative thinking. But as is demonstrated most dramatically here with Mi-jin, all of these characters have had their own agendas, and their own rationalizations, which ultimately render their ethical advice questionable. Acerbic personality notwithstanding, Min-seok comes off the best simply because his only goal has been the preservation of Eun-hee's legacy. He's always been honest about that.

Hye-won, by contrast, immediately demonstrates her poor understanding of the situation by apologizing. This indicates that, now as ever, Hye-won cares about appearances and whether people like her- not utility. Do-woo just wanted to properly grieve over Annie. But Do-woo could not do so when there was so much about the poor girl that he simply did not know. Do-woo knows now that Hye-won is not right for him. It's not because of the content of her lie. It's because Hye-won tried to get away with lying at all.

Hyo-eun, though, appears to be on the road to recovery...for now. Like Soo-ah herself admits, the new situation has to be carefully scouted before long-term decisions are made. But considering Soo-ah lacks any real roots in Seoul, the plan makes a fair amount of sense, even if it seems rather extreme. Transplanting to Jeju Island is, as mentioned, quite common. It's exactly the kind of environment where an outsider can find a genuinely sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

Speaking of subtle product placement, AirAsia is indeed a real airline with enough travel to Jeju Island that Jin-seok can stop by there about as easily as he does in Seoul. Though the overall of his negotiation with Soo-ah is still somewhat unsettling. Jin-seok is an easy man to work with and yet...does he really care? Compared to Do-woo, at least, definitely not.


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