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Drama Review 'Fantastic' Episode 15

BY HanCinema | Oct 22, 2016 07:12 AM EDT

And now, Seol's in-laws move to force some last minute conflict in a predictably abortive attempt to scuttle a happy ending. Jin-sook's plan is pretty dumb. Really, So-hye should have mentioned the extortion attempt back when she was at the police station. Besides that even if it's not technically a breach of contract nobody going to want to work with Jin-sook when the best case scenario is that she's an idiot who keeps important information in a non-secure phone.

The scandal itself is also of dubious importance. I can't think of any event in recent memory where a celebrity's reputation was trashed because of bad stuff that happened two decades ago. Likewise, Jin-tae's own plan to try and attack Seol is of questionable value. Even assuming Jin-tae has clear proof (which he doesn't), adultery isn't actually a crime in South Korea anymore, and whatever Seol's case against him is, she no doubt has evidence far preceding her alleged dalliance with Sang-wook.

...Not that any of this really matters. The final obstacles in "Fantastic" aren't important for their own sake so much as they are merely intended to be easily overcome by the main characters as a symbolic representation of how much stronger they are together thanks to all their character growth. To that extent, "Fantastic" succeeds in establishing basic sympathy for its characters.

It helps that even in the most saccharine moments, there's something awfully sincere about the affection that Hae-seong and So-hye show for each other. This actually even works to "solve" the scandal, sort of, because Hae-seong is such an obviously above board great guy that who could possibly ever think that he was capable of doing genuinely mean things? How do you hate a man who's totally down for a simple pleasant wedding with friends?

While not exactly satisfying this episode of "Fantastic" does manage to have just barely enough coherent character progression that every minor victory against Seol's awful in-laws feels totally earned, precisely because they're the ones who have to pick the fight. So-hye, Hae-seong, Seol, and everyone else in their close group of friends is genuinely happy just enjoying life and being with each other, even if in So-hye's case, it took breast cancer (not brain cancer- sorry, my goof) for her to get that far. That's the question we're left with going from the cliffhanger to the final episode- can, or should, So-hye hold on to life? And how?


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