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Drama Review 'Woman with a Suitcase' Episode 8

BY HanCinema | Oct 24, 2016 05:02 AM EDT


Episode 8 of "Woman with a Suitcase" bravely tackled a very difficult subject: homosexuality. It treated the character in the episode with respect and touched upon the issue in an honest way. Of course, as a drama on a public station it couldn't challenge societal precepts, but I'm glad that the social commentary was made.

The backdrop for the episode was the case of the week, which focused on a murder revolving around the homosexual relationship of a prominent citizen. It presents the idea of two kinds of prison that this Korean man in Korean society faces for loving a certain way: a social prison of constant judgement or a real prison where he will be incarcerated for a murder he didn't commit in order to hide his sexual identity. The show treats the subject with the respect it deserves, having the characters show surprise upon discovery, but working for the best resolution for the man. They treat him with dignity and clear him of false murder charges so that he can live his life. If this show was not regulated, perhaps we would be able to see a fight against the horrendous treatment of the LGBTQ community and the social prisons that they are forced into. But that is another fight for another show.

As for the romances, they're developing at a steady pace. We've hit the midpoint of the drama and romance is still lukewarm. Bok-geo flirts like a 13-year-old boy, hiding his feelings while teasing Geum-joo. Seok-woo confesses, but is deflected by a nervous Geum-joo. As always, the upright man is cast aside in favor of the "bad boy". While this is generally the case, the fact that it plays out yet again in this drama is infuriating. It is clear which man treats her well and which doesn't and yet the attraction lies with the one who doesn't. I want a show that portrays a woman being treated well and being with that man. There is plenty of drama to be had even in such a relationship. 

Hye-joo has sunk into the quagmire that is Oh Sung, a company basically formed to protect the power and money of a prominent family and its marriage and business ties. The law firm portion of the company only seeks to protect Oh Sung and will do wrong in order to achieve that goal. Hye-joo wants to further her career, and her conscience nags at her for being involved, but her hunger for success keeps her on her dark path. That path keeps her separated from her sister who is constantly trying to make amends between them, but Hye-joo has been too scarred by life and doesn't have the constitution to pick herself back up. Hers is most definitely a path into hell and she will struggle to find redemption, perhaps with the help of Geum-joo.

I look forward to the next week's case bringing up another tough subject and perhaps a little more excitement on the romantic front. Hopefully Bok-geo will stop flirting like a child and be the man he is.


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