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Drama Review 'Incarnation of Jealousy' Episode 18

BY HanCinema | Oct 24, 2016 05:02 AM EDT

Cohabitation has come to a boiling point in episode 18 of "Incarnation of Jealousy". Emotions run high as Na-ri dates both Hwa-sin and Jeong-won. Add to the mix a belatedly active second lead, Anchor Hong Hye-won (Seo Ji-hye), and we have quite the sizzling episode.

Hye-won has been in the drama for a while, putting moves on Hwa-sin and flirting like the seductress that she is. But she never really stood out until this episode where she put her foot down and made sure that Hwa-sin knew she was not just playing the dating game. It is a serious affair for her. Na-ri really needed to see Hye-won put the moves on Hwa-sin because her inability to decide has only caused pain and confusion. It's the  kick in the pants she needs. However, with six episodes left I doubt this will all be resolved quickly.

It is in this episode where it becomes obvious that Na-ri's head and heart want two different things. On paper, Jeong-won is the perfect boyfriend, but Na-ri is constantly drawn towards Hwa-sin. Her jealousy only flares around him. If that's not a clear sign who she likes more, I don't know what is. What was great about this episode was how far Hwa-sin was pushed by this situation. The proximity to Na-ri is difficult for him and he constantly has to restrain himself. The emotional beatings he must take when family gets involved and Na-ri plays good girlfriend to Jeong-won are brutal. When Hwa-sin leaves the house, it was a moment of victory for the show and for him. His love made him desperate and I like that he took a stand for himself. Na-ri is being selfish dating both of them, and they were selfish to ask her to do so.

The reporter mothers return to fighting as Ppalgang starts to make her decision and then dishes it out. She chooses Reporter Bang and absolutely crushes Reporter Gye. The moment was long in coming and was well-executed, but I wish that it had a follow up scene rather than returning to the Na-ri/Jeong-won/Hwa-sin trio. Ppalgang's story deserves better treatment. Not only that, but the pieces that make up her life are left underdeveloped. Her relationships with the two boys in the building have been hanging since the early episodes. Chef's relationship with the reporter mothers has stagnated. We barely see Ppalgang, but we see tons of her mothers. Screen time and development need to match and round out for this story to feel whole. We have six episodes left. That's plenty of time to give Ppalgang and her gang the attention they deserve.


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