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Drama Preview 'Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim'

BY HanCinema | Nov 06, 2016 08:40 AM EST


There are fans of romancing in the non-romantic genres and then there are those who wish to see stories without OTPs, but good dramas can be found on both sides. "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" is still a mystery in terms of where it belongs as a genre, but perhaps it can find its own identity.


Two doctors who work for selfish reasons, one for rivalry and the other for recognition, meet an oddball mentor and through their experiences with him rediscover the humanity in medicine.

The Worrying

Mixed Messages

PD Yoo In-sik has stated that the "romantic" part of the title refers more to romanticism and a feeling, rather than romance. On the other hand, the promotional material makes sure to pair up the two young doctors. It is worrisome when a production's persons in charge cannot agree on a concept, but perhaps the drama will be consistent.

Clashing Fandoms

Given the popularity of "Oh Hae-Young Again", the fact that I still see people call Yoo Yeon-seok"Chilbong" and Han Seok-Kyu's own domestic and Hallyu fame, I am slightly worried over the potential clashing of interests in terms of the show's writing and ratings. I hope that regardless or domestic and abroad reactions, the creators will not be swayed by fanbases.

The Reassuring

Balanced Creator Duo

I have heard that writer Kang Eun-kyeong is very heavy on the "makjang", but her works are popular. PD Yoo In-sik is someone who manages to channel the best out of the writers he works with, so there is a balance here. My personal concern is quality over popularity, but two skilled creators have a good chance at both.

Promising Premise

The idea of seeing growth and maturity through the lives of people who need them is a promising concept. Medicine is not just about being a doctor, but about being a human who witnesses other humans at their worst and is the one to bring them hope. I sincerely hope this reality will be taken more seriously by Dramaland one day.

Final Thoughts

Be it with romance or without, in a big or small hospital, "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" has good potential to be a series focused on people rather than tropes. The promotional videos show mystery, medicine, romance and conflict. Hopefully these elements will be used well.

"Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" begins its run on November 7th and will air every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00, on SBS. It is directed by Yoo In-sik, written by Kang Eun-kyeong and features Han Seok-KyuYoo Yeon-seokSeo Hyeon-jin and Kim Hong-pa.


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