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Drama Review 'Entourage' Episode 3

BY HanCinema | Nov 15, 2016 04:20 AM EST

"Entourage" might be tanking in the ratings, but at least the series is focusing on the juicy bits after its premiere episodes and by juicy bits I mean industry shenanigans. If you have been wondering why casting news often get so messy and confusing, episode three offers a little glimpse into the complicated game of role assignment and business deals. We also get some humanity out of our cartoon characters, so not all hope is lost.

I do not have extensive experience with entertainment journalism, but what little I have seen from Korea is quite messy. News is sometimes based on hearsay and social media posts or netizen comments. There are hasty announcements, contradictory statements and reports are generally just a big smorgasbord of inconsistencies, copy/paste material and constant changes. We see this issue in more than just entertainment, but that is the focus of this series.

Seeing the episode tackling all of these issues in the show's very own humorous and bold style is entertaining. It is also a good idea on behalf of the creators that we get several things happening at the same time. Focusing only on one aspect of celebrity life in each little subplot would make the world of "Entourage" feel much less lively. From dating rumors and interview slip ups to subterfuge and fashion favors, a lot takes place in the world of fame.

The aforementioned fashion favors also address the issue of Turtle (Lee Dong-hwi) and Joon (Lee Gwang-soo) being walking stereotypes. The two men are given a little dimension this time around, which they have sorely lacked. Turtle is surprisingly loyal and even though he teases others a lot, he often speaks sense. Joon might be a womanizing, nagging man-child, but he is also someone willing to humiliate himself and ask for favors just to help his friend out. Though perhaps he does it to prove his status.

When we first saw Ho-jin's (Park Jeong-min-I) conflict between his life as Yeong-bin's (Seo Kang-joon) friend and his manager I assumed we would see more of it and we do. The two are clearly very close and know each other well. At the same time Eun-gap (Jo Jin-woong) is trying hard to do his job as well, so Ho-jin's dilemma feels very realistic. Seeing Yeong-bin show understanding paints their relationship as a mutually caring one.

"Entourage" still overdoes it with its style and cameos at times, but being pre-produced means that little can be done with appearances and scenes which are important to the plot or character building. Regardless, the show's caustic and self-deprecating take on the Korean entertainment industry as well as its main character development are promising. I hope to see more of both elements in the future.

"Entourage" is directed by Jang Yeong-woo, written by Kwon So-ra and Seo Jae-won and features Jo Jin-woongSeo Kang-joonLee Gwang-sooPark Jeong-min-I and Lee Dong-hwi.


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