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Drama Review 'Entourage' Episode 4

BY HanCinema | Nov 15, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Yeong-bin takes one step forward and two steps back with his work choices, sending Ho-jin and Eun-gap into a blind panic and race to handle two different "battle fronts" at the same time. The group is also getting mixed messages from their desired production, causing their business to stall. Meanwhile, Joon buys into a fortune teller's words a bit too much and ends up suffering because of it.

During the last episode and up to a point in this one I saw some real growth in Yeong-bin (Seo Kang-joon). He has his wishes as an actor and he is clearly spoiled for choice, but he has also shown signs of learning to take the reality of his job more seriously. Unfortunately his reluctance to think before he acts and speak up about his true feelings to Ho-jin (Park Jeong-min-I) causes quite a mess this time around.

The episode makes an interesting point about how complicated getting a large group of people working together can be. In Yeong-bin's mind changing paths is simple, but there are so many delicate relationships and important decisions behind creating a big project. Even the smallest change means loss of time, effort, connections and money, which is something Yeong-bin should consider more. Keeping him so sheltered and away from the business part of his career means he lacks understanding of these things.

This also highlights how tough the job can get for agents and managers, let alone those who are friendly with the person they work for. Park Jeong-min-I and Jo Jin-woong are quite the blessing for the series, because they carry the characters who bear all the weight of Yeong-bin's choices gracefully. On the other hand, an artist's need to be inspired by their work is understandable, which makes our star easy to sympathize with. He wants to be more than a pretty face.

The episode takes a nice swing at other topics, including Joon's (Lee Gwang-soo) embarrassing display of superstition. Given what is going on in Korea at the moment, this episode's critical take on fortune tellers is also quite timely, even if not planned specifically for the occasion. Joon is still the most flat (no butt shade intended) character of the lot, but I hope his humanity will show more as we go along.

It looks like Yeong-bin's crush on So-hee (Ahn So-hee) will be the next focus and as much as I understand why the series wants to include some romance for its boys, I hope that this has been planned as just one part of our star's life. That being said, I would love to see the inside take on how complicated dating can become for celebrities.

"Entourage" is directed by Jang Yeong-woo, written by Kwon So-ra and Seo Jae-won and features Jo Jin-woongSeo Kang-joonLee Gwang-sooPark Jeong-min-I and Lee Dong-hwi.


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