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'The Man In My House' Soo-ae and Kim Yeong-kwang napping

BY HanCinema | Nov 28, 2016 05:41 AM EST

The KBS 2TV drama "The Man In My House" actress Soo-ae is napping next to Kim Yeong-kwang.

In the stills released on the 28th, Kim Yeong-kwang is laying under covers with a pale face as if he's sick and Soo-ae is taking care of him. Kim Yeong-kwang seems to be unhealthy unlike his usual pride in his health. Perhaps his symptoms have gotten worse.

Another picture shows Soo-ae napping next to him. This shows how she wants to stick by his side no matter what.

It is unknown if they will clear things as step father and step daughter and become a real couple.

"The Man In My House" can be seen on the 28th at 10PM.

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