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3 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Hotel Del Luna" this Summer

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 07, 2019 10:41 AM EDT

Hotel De Luna
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"Hotel Del Luna" began airing in July. The drama's viewership rating records are still increasing with every episode and still ranks up at Good Data Corporation's list of most buzzworthy for 3 weeks consecutively. The casts are thankful for their viewers' continuous support throughout the episodes. Here are the reasons why the drama became popular among viewers.

The characters are lovable because of their great acting

The first reason for the positive feedback to the drama is the performance of the actors who attracts more viewers each day. The main characters of the drama are Jang Man Wol played by IU and Goo Chan Sung played by Yeo Jin Goo. Jang Man Wol encountered with 2 men in her past, Chung Myung played by Lee Do Hyun and Yeon Woo played by Lee Tae Sun. Shin Jung Geun played the role of a bartender named Kim Sun Bi. Bae Hae Sun played the role of the Head of Room Service named Choi Seo Hee. And Block B's P.O is a doorman named Ji Hyun Joong.  There are many more characters that will pique your interest in the story.

A wonderful storyline made from a juicy script

"Hotel Del Luna" will surely defy your expectations with its positive reviews. Goo Chan Sung taking care of Jang Man Wol will give off a horror-romance vibe, as weird things kept happening. The Hong Sisters' signature sense of humor will give more progress in the drama's comedy scenes. The heart-fluttering cliff-hangers will turn on your curiosity for the next episode. Jang Man Wol's past will flashback and will let you understand the story more. Jang Man Wol and Goo Chan Sung's romantic scenes will create a fresh new immersive experience for viewers.

The Cinematography is too good to be true

The first episode is just a taste for the drama's beautiful cinematography and rich scenery. Director Oh Choong Hwan did his best to make the drama shine with astounding scene effects and brilliant cinematography. The drama will take you into a whole new world as a run-down building transforms into a prestigious hotel. Be ready to experience goosebumps as new ghosts appear in every episode.

Girls should not miss Jang Man Wol's cute fashion in every episode. Her unique fashion includes different makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and even nail art. Watch how she amazingly transforms from head-to-toe.

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