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‘Woman Who Marries Three Times' Poster Released… What’s Going On?

By Staff Writer | Nov 05, 2013 09:10 PM EST

‘Woman Who Marries Three Times' Poster Released
(Photo : SBS)
‘Woman Who Marries Three Times' Poster Released
(Photo : SBS)

Three posters were released for SBS 'Woman Who Marries Three Times'

The staff of 'The Woman Who Marries Three Times' released a poster of the six main protagonists Lee Ji Ah, Jo Han Sun, Suh Young Hee, Um Ji Won, Song Chang Hee and Ha Suk Jin as well as a lone poster of Lee Ji Ah showing the complex relationship between three people.

In the six-person poster, Lee Ji Ah is sitting between her ex-husband Song Chang Hee and the person who will act out her new husband Ha Suk Jin. Song Chang Hee is holding Lee Ji Ah's hand making a desperate face. However, Lee Ji Ah's expression in Ha Suk Jin's arms are cold. Jo Han Sun and Suh Young Hee are sitting next to each other but they are looking in opposite directions. Um Ji Won is drawing attention by clinging onto Jo Han Sun's neck.

The three person poster features Lee Ji Ah, Ha Suk Jin and Song Chang Hee. Between the two men is one bride that creates a strange vibe. Lee Ji Ah's lone poster gives a tranquil message as if she's a lonely character after marrying three times.

The staff said, "Lee Ji Ah was pictured in the poster showing how a bride would be concerned about marriage and the picture with six people had various meanings." "We'll draw viewers' empathy about a woman who have lived highs and lows marrying twice.

"The Woman Who Marries Three Times" will be aired for the first time on 9:55 PM on November 9th.

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