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Park Ji Bin To Focus On Acting Than College

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 08, 2013 12:50 PM EST


Actor Park Ji Bin (18) decided not to take the college entrance exam this year.

According to an official, "Park Ji Bin decided not to take the exam or apply for colleges this year."

The official added, "He decided not to go to college in order to take the road of an actor."

Park Ji  Bin debuted in a musical at the age of six and has appeared in many movies and dramas since then, including "Yi San," "Chun Chu Tae Hoo," "Sun Duck Empress," and "Pick Me The Stars."

Park Ji Bin had given up going to high school as well and received his high school diploma through GED. In one program, he said, "I only went to (middle) school in the beginning of the semesters or during the exam times, but I felt that I was intruding the classmates' regular schedule, and I was apprehensive of how they'd think of me if I went to school only during the exams, which is why I took the GED."

He added, "I took a break from working and went to school to get closer to my classmates and get experience of school life, but they thought I went to school because I didn't have any work to do," confessing the wounds he received from the prejudices on celebrities.

Park Ji Bin's decision not to go to a college would suggest a new direction for young celebrities in the future.

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