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Park Shin Hye Or Kim Ji Won: Who Did Lee Min Ho Choose In “The Heirs”?

BY Chin D | Nov 13, 2013 10:51 AM EST

the heirs
the heirs
the heirs
the heirs

Fans are well aware of Kim Tan's true feelings, and in the recent stills revealed by the staff, it becomes apparent who he has chosen.

Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang are seen sitting beside each other in a cozy embrace, and viewers are speculating whether Eun Sang has accepted her feelings for Kim Tan. The romantic scenario patterned with the beautiful scenery put the actors in character. Along with the warmth of the bonfire present during the shoot, they were able to evoke warm feelings form the production staff because of their sincere acting.

Lee Min Ho said, "The place was so beautiful and I'd like to take my family and friends there next time. With the sky and campsite, the scene really became Tan and Eun Sang's dream."

On the other hand, Yoo Rachel (Kim Ji Won) breaks her usual poker face when she sheds tears in front of her arranged fiancé Kim Tan. Many are looking forward to the development regarding their engagement and whether this had something to do with her tears.

Kim Ji Won said, "To get this scene right, I just focused on the sad song I practiced with and the unfortunate situation in the script. I was able to express the appropriate emotions rather than forcing them out."

It was reported that to get into the gloomy scene, the cast members lessened their interaction with each other and the staff members. The scene started filming, and Kim Ji Won showed her talent by immediately releasing tears, ending the difficult scene in only an hour.

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