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‘Give Love Away’ Dramatic First Touch As Romance Unfolds

By Staff Writer | Nov 18, 2013 06:56 PM EST

‘Give Love Away’ Dramatic First Touch As Romance Unfolds
(Photo : MBC)

"Give Love Away" Cha Hwa Yeon had a dramatic first touch with Park Geun Hyung in a severe situation.

In the episode of MBC weekend drama "Give Love Away" broadcast on November 17th, Soon Ae (played by Cha Hwa Yeon) who went out to the bank met Hyun Soo (played by Park Geun Hyung) and suddenly collapses and gets sent to the hospital.

On this episode, Soon Ae had been preparing for a savings bond for her daughter Mi Ju (played by Hong Soo Hyun)'s wedding and went to the bank with a light heart.

Afterwards, Soon Ae coincidentally runs into Hyun Soo and welcomed him.  However, while talking with Hyun Soo, Soon Ae clutched onto his stomatch and fell.  Soon Ae held Hyun Soo's hand and complained of the pain.

Soon Ae hurried onto the ambulance and went to the hospital and was examined at the hospital.  The doctor knew of Hyun Soo as the guardian and said, "It seems like ovarian cysts are ruptured.  First, get processed.  If you don't get surgery now, it could be dangerous."

Afterwards, Hyun Soo finished processing Soon Ae and called Mi Ju to let her know about her surgery.  Mi Ju was appreciative of Hyun Soo who ran to the hospital hurriedly.

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