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‘Heirs’ Lee Min Ho’s Dream-Like Kiss On Park Shin Hye’s Forehead

Angela Son | Nov 21, 2013 12:52 PM EST

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"Heirs" Lee Min Ho kissed Park Shin Hye on her forehead in a dream like scene.

In the 14th episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Heirs," which aired in the evening of November 21, 2013, Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) showed up on the reunion party of Lee Bo Na (FX Krystal) and Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk) for her part-time job.

In this episode, You Ra Hel (Kim Ji Won) intentionally called Cha Eun Sang to the party. She had planned to tell everybody that Cha Eun Sang is not a rich girl but a daughter of a maid by showing her serve coffer and juice at the party. Cha Eun Sang was aware of You Ra Hel's intentions, and was going to uncover her true identity as well.

Cha Eun Sang in the end confessed to her schoolmates, "I transferred into the Empire High School as a community care position."

Earlier in the episode, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) was furious that Cha Eun Sang was going to unveil her true identity. However, in the end, Kim Tan agreed with Cha Eun Sang to share the truth to the schoolmates. Kim Tan calmly heard Cha Eun Sang's confession, and sided with Eun Sang saying, "I thought you would be okay because you tried to seem so strong."

After Cha Eun Sang's confession, You Ra Hel, furious, went home.

The music resumed and Kim Tan approached Cha Eun Sang. He undid the knots in the apron Cha Eun Sang was wearing, and her hair tie. Kim Tan said to Cha Eun Sang, "Nice to meet you community care position Cha Eun Sang. I'm an illegitimate child Kim Tan," giving a soft kiss on her forehead.

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