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'Medical Top Team' Jung Ryuh Won, How Did We Become This?

By Staff Writer | Nov 22, 2013 08:08 AM EST

'Medical Top Team' Jung Ryuh Won, How Did We Become This?
(Photo : MBC)

Jung Ryuh Won looked at Joo Ji Hoon in a sad way as she saw how much he had changed.

On the 14th episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama "Medical Top Team" broadcast on November 21st. Shin Hye Soo (played by Kim Young Ae) suggests to Park Tae Shin (played by Kwon Sang Woo) to perform surgery on children who are apporpaite for the incurable disease support project.

At this, Park Tae Shin accepted the suggestion and Professor Suh Joo Young (played by Jung Ryuh Won) also agreed to this.  At this, they told Han Seung Jae (played by Joo Ji Hoon) but he started to object profusely.

In addition, he asked Suh Joo Young, "What is your reason for helping Park Tae Shin? Is it because the Vice Director is behind Dr. Park?  Or is there another reason?"

Suh Joo Young made a face as if to say how ridiculous this was and showed that she was uncomfortable as she didn't say anything.  Han Seung Jae seemed to have given up saying, "If you and Dr. Jung agreed, I can't do anything.  However, the top team should be the one leading the surgery."  Suh Joo Young heard this and said, "This is not a surgery for a power struggle.  In case you were thinking of this, I presented it like volunteering skills" and reported to him.

In the end, Han Seung Jae was tense saying, "If the surgery succeeds, the compliments nonetheless go to the Vice Director" and showed his determination for this not to turn out that way.  Suh Joo Young looked at Seung Jae with a sad eye and said, "Why did we become like this?"

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