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Yoon Seh In In "A Well Raised Daughter" Transforms!

By Staff Writer | Nov 22, 2013 08:07 AM EST

Yoon Seh In In "A Well Raised Daughter" Transforms!
(Photo : SBS)

Actress Yoon Seh In has transformed into a high school girl in the drama, "One Well-Raised Daughter" in the first filming scenes.

In the new SBS daily drama "One Well-Raised Daughter" (script Yoon Young Mi, director Jo Young Gwang) to be broadcast on December 2nd,  Yoon Seh In will be playing the role of Jang Ra Hee.  Jang Ra Hee is a character who is very pretty and has a great fashion sense but she grows up with a half brother who's younger and Hana (played by Park Han Byul) who she's completely unrelated to who's one year apart and has a lot of inferiority issues and she constantly creates conflict.

Related to the released picture, Yoon Seh In is smiling shyly perhaps because it's been a while since she wore a uniform.  Even in the cold weather that fell subzero where her face and lips hardened, she was calm as usual and was focused as there was not a single bad cut.  She is said to have received great feedback from the staff as her character analysis was perfect.

Yoon Seh In said that, "Jang Ra Hee is a character that conflicts with Hana.  She has a lot of greed and is smart and therefore, in some ways, she may look like a bad character but in other ways, she's a lonely character that wants to be loved and recognized.  This is a role that I haven't had a chance to act out yet and I have high expectations.  In "One Well-Raised Daughter", everyone from child actors to adult actors are overflowing with charisma.  We hope that you'll keep watching a warm family story."

Meanwhile, "One Well-Raised Daughter" is the collaborative effort of writer Yoon Young Mi who wrote, "The Bride of the Sun" "장화홍련" and the hit-maker producer Jo Young Kwang who produced "야와" and "49 days." 

It's an inheritance project of the youngest daughter in a family that owned "Cow Soy Sauce" for 200 years and dresses as a man to lead the family man as only men could lead businesses for several hundred years as it had produced 대령 숙수 in the Chosun Dynasty.

"One Well-Raised Daughter" features Yoon Seh In, Park Han Byul, along with Lee Tae Gon, Jung Eun Woo, Han Yoo Yi and great skilled actors Park In Hwan, Yoon Yoo Sun, Lee Hye Sook, and Choi Jae Sung.  It will be broadcast after "Ugly Alert" at 7:20PM on December 2nd.

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