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Han Hyo Joo Receives Best Female Actor Award In Blue Dragon Film Awards

Angela Son | Nov 22, 2013 03:49 PM EST

 Han Hyo Joo

Actress Han Hyo Joo had the honor of receiving the best female actresses award in the 34th annual Blue Dragon Film Awards today.

Han Hyo Joo today in the Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in Seoul received the best female actor award during the Blue Dragon Film Awards for her role in "Cold Eyes."

Movie "Cold Eyes" is a thriller story about a group of professional "cold eyes" who track down gang members without revealing their real identities. In this movie, Han Hyo Joo played a new member, Ha Yoon Joo, who has an extraordinary memory and observation.

The news of Han Hyo Joo receiving the best female actor award in the 34th annual Blue Dragon Film Awards today was a great yet surprising one, considering the list of names of other actresses that were addressed with Han Hyo Joo's name. Um Jung Hwa, who played a mother who had lost her daughter in movie "Montage," had already received the best female actor award in the Brand Bell Film Awards on November 1, 2013. Moon Jung Hee, who recorded a high number of audiences for her thriller movie, "Hide and Seek," was another rival. Um Ji Won, who voluntarily did not wear any makeup to better play her character in the movie "Wish" was another strong rival.

However, the Blue Dragon Film Awards picked Han Hyo Joo, who said, "I thought seeing my name nominated for the list of best female actresses award was an honor in and of itself, and I feel so honored to receive this grand award."

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