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‘Wish' Receives Best Film Award In Blue Dragon Film Awards

Angela Son | Nov 22, 2013 03:50 PM EST


Movie "Wish" of director Lee Joon Ik had the honor of receiving the best film award in the 34th annual Blue Dragon Film Awards today. "Wish," which is a movie in the subject of sexual abuse of children, received the best film award.

Blue Dragon Film Awards has been regarded as the most fair film awards in Korea with its fair distribution of awards. Critics acclaimed the Blue Dragon Film Awards for awarding actors for their performances, instead of their movies' popularity. For instance, Hwang Jung Min was awarded for his role in "New World," and Ra Mi Ran was awarded the best new actress award in her role in "Wish." Above all, the best film award, which was attributed to "Wish," was awarded based on the movie's aesthetics and meaning instead of popularity.

Ra Mi Ran said after receiving the award, "I'm so nervous and thankful right now. Personally, movie 'Wish' is a very special work of art to me. I thank director Park Chan Wok for allowing me to go into the acting career, and director Yoon Jae Gyun for letting me see myself." Ra Mi Ran added, shedding tears, "Movie 'Wish' is still playing in the theaters. I wish more people would go watch it. And I want to tell our friends who, like So Won, have been hurt from similar experiences, that it was not their fault and to cheer up."

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