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Ugly Alert' Comments of Kang Byul As The Series Ends

By Staff Writer | Nov 29, 2013 11:40 PM EST

 "Ugly Alert" Kang Byul expressed feelings about ending the drama.

On November 29th, through his management company Shim Entertainment, Kang Byul said, "Family never lets go of their hands.  Today, I finally ended filming.  I wanted to show the confident side of Jin Joo and said I wouldn't cry but I couldn't hold it in and cried.  "Ugly Alert" has given me so many gifts and have done so much for me.  While filming "Ugly Alert", I recall so many happy memories crying and laughing" as he shared a touching thought.

At this, Kang Byul said, "How will I be in two dramas at once and be good at both at it?  What if there's a negative effect?  I worried too much but our director, writer, staff, and teachers, and older actors, thank you so much for your support and encouragement that led me to make a great piece like this" as he thanked the people around him.

Kang Byul said, "Now this family is especially like a real Gong family^^.  These people.. what will I do when I miss them? A part of my heart is fluttering.  As much as we spent time together, we'll make memories together.  And the direcot rand writers who gave me an unforgettable memory and the staff members that I love, I'll keep these pearls of wisdom in my heart.  Thank you" and repeatedly said thank you.

Lastly, Kang Byul said, "Thank you to all viewers for being so caring to "Ugly Alert." I love you.. and... Family is never letting go of your hand" as he showed a true affection and disappointment for "Ugly Alert."

Meanwhile, Kang Byul is playing the role of Gong Jin Joo in the SBS daily drama "Ugly Alert" who is living a confident life working at a famous hair shop after being a hair salon assistant for a long time in a small town shop.  She had dropped out of school because of poverty.  "Ugly Alert" features Park Han Byul, Lee Tae Gon, Jung Eun Woo, and Yoon Se Yoon after "A Well-Raised Daughter" on December 2nd at 7:20PM.

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