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“Noona’s Over Flowers” Lose Lee Seung Gi Plus Impressive Ratings For First Episode

BY Chin D | Dec 01, 2013 08:50 AM EST


New tvN variety show "Noonas Over Flowers" received impressive ratings for its premiere episode.

For the first broadcast last November 29, it already reached a double digit rating with an average rating of 10.5%, and peak rating of 12.3, beating its predecessor "Grandpas Over Flowers" first episode rating of 4.1%. It also received higher ratings than other shows of its time slot, and the closes to it was SBS's "Rule Of The Jungle" with 10.3%.

Viewers were pleased with the first episode that featured Lee Seung Gi getting lost in a Turkish airport. While diligently doing his job as the group's baggage boy-slash-tour guide, he wandered and asked around for the location of their hotel, but because he took so long, the noonas decided to take matters into their own hands. Ultimately, they ended up losing Lee Seung Gi, and the young actor became the "baggage" instead of "baggage boy"

The noonas Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon are gaining attention for their differences with the grandpas in the first season, making it more enjoyable for the viewers to watch Lee Seung Gi exercise his charm as a heodang or someone who falls short in the things they do or say.

Watch the next episode of "Noonas Over Flowers" on tvN every Fridays right after "Reply 1994".

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