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Park Shin Hye Touches Fans With Her Versatile Acting In “The Heirs”

BY Chin D | Dec 01, 2013 08:54 AM EST


Park Shin Hye yet again touches the viewers with her sincere and excellent acting in "The Heirs".

For the 16th episode of the highly popular drama, Kim Tan, who is portrayed by Lee Min Ho, prepares an apartment for Cha Eun Sang. Before he left, he told Eun Sang that he will be back with her shortly, but as she plants a kiss on his cheek, he has no idea that she was already harboring the idea of leaving him after he left.

What left the deepest impression in the viewers was Park Shin Hye's portrayal of Cha Eun Sang's struggle to smile in front of Kim Tan, even when she's feeling heavy and burdened inside, and how she showed her immediate change of expression to sorrow and hurt after she closes the door.

Netizens shared their feelings and commented, "Why is a romance at age 18 so sad," "The smile of Eun Sang is so beautiful and sorrowful, especially after she had made so much effort," "Tan, Eun Sang, Young Do are so pitiful in episode 16."

The sixteenth episode of the drama received a rating of 21.1% after its drop to the 19% mark in the previous episode.

According to her agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment, "As the drama nears its finale, the popularity of the 'The Heirs' is also seeing an upsurge. We hope that everyone will look forward to seeing the ending of the romantic yet sorrowful couple of Eun Sang and Tan."

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