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Lee Min Ho Sings "Heirs" OST "Painful Love"

By Staff Writer | Dec 05, 2013 06:18 AM EST

Lee Min Ho Sings "Heirs" OST "Painful Love"
(Photo : SBS)

Lee Min Ho's hurtful love, "I'm going to sing it with emotion because I know the feeling"

Lee Min Ho's hurtful love.

Recently, news came out that actor Lee Min Ho would be joining "Heirs" OST with "Hurting Love".

In the recent SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Heirs" (script Kim Eun Sook, director Kang Shin Hyo) the staff said that Lee Min Ho finished recording the theme song of Kim Tan, "Hurting Love" among the OST.

Until now, the OST of "Heirs" such as FT Island Lee Hong Ki "These are the words" Kim Tan Cha Eun Sang's theme song 2AM Chang Min's Moment" Moon Myung Jin's "I Cry Again" have been making charts as viewers have shown great responses.

Lee Min Ho's "Hurtful Love" will be Part.9 in "Heirs" OST as it is a ballad song showing an emotional melody.

Especially as it shows Lee Wha on the piano, Ha Hyung Ju on the drums, and Choi In Sung on guitar, it shows a deluxe harmony where Lee Min Ho's voice goes well adding depth to the tune.

Through the painful love song, Lee Min Ho expressed the feeling of a man's love for one person who even gives himself up as it's filled detailed emotions of love.  Especially, this is showing Kim Tan in Heirs with its pains and conflicts with its detailed voice as if he is whispering and shows a great match between his voice in the touching music and the lyrics.

At Lee Min Ho's hurtful love, netizens said, "Lee Min Ho's painful love, I'm looking forward to it." "Lee Min Ho's painful love, finally Heirs tomorrow." "Lee Min Ho's painful love, I saw the trailer and these tears." "Lee Min Ho's painful love, wow." and showed responses.

Lee Min Ho's "Painful Love" will be released on December 4th noon through music site..

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