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MBC ‘Princess Aurora’ To Edit The Drama’s Script

Angela Son | Dec 10, 2013 04:39 PM EST


MBC is in the process of editing the script of the everyday drama "Princess Aurora" a few episodes prior to its final one.

An official spokesman from MBC said on December 10, 2013, "MBC is currently undergoing edits to the final scripts of the drama Aurora Princess, especially on the ending of the story. It was said to me that they are making edits to the final script because the ending of the drama is a bewildering one that does not have any relevancy to what has been happening in the drama."

Drama "Princess Aurora" is to air its final 150th episode on December 20, 2013. While the drama "Princess Aurora" has been airing, its storyline that is irrelevant to the previous episodes and continuous involuntary resignation of the actors and actresses, including the pet dog of Aurora, has put the drama in the center of the attention.

On the same day, another news medium reported that the main character, Hwang Ma Ma, played by actor Oh Chang Suk, is "to meet an imminent death in an episode that is to air sometime next week."

The production team of "Princess Aurora" commented, "We do not have access to that information," regarding this. On the latest episode of the drama "Princess Aurora," Hwang Ma Ma and Sul Sul Hee shared their somewhat intimate feelings after they found out that Sul Sul Hee's blood cancer is fully recovered. Hwang Ma Ma has been helping Sul Sul Hee with his chemotherapy and physical therapy.

Meanwhile, in "Princess Aurora," Aurora's ex husband Hwang Ma Ma and current husband Sul Sul Hee have been living together with Aurora for the pretext of Hwnag Ma Ma taking care of Sul Sul Hee while he fought through his blood cancer.

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