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“You Who Came From The Stars” Earns Top Stars In The Ratings

BY Joan MacDonald | Dec 27, 2013 10:15 AM EST

You Who Came From The Stars

 "You Who Came From The Stars" continues to attract viewers with its excellent acting and complex plot. By its fourth episode this week, the AGB Nielsen ratings reached 20.1 percent, an increase from the third episode's 19.4 percent.

In the drama, alien Do Min Joon, played by Kim Soo Hyun, is still puzzled about his relationship with actress Chun Song Yun, played by Jun Ji Hyun. But as much as he tries to avoid her, he can't stay away. Is he fated to help her? Flashbacks show the relationship that he had 400 years ago with Song Yi, the young woman she so resembles. He had to protect Song Yi and now he has to protect Chun Song Yi when she gets sick and when she is unjustly accused of provoking another actress' suicide. He has troubling visions that involve Chun Song Yun's glittery shoes.

Kim Soo Hyun does a good job of conveying Do Min Joon's hesitance and undeniable attraction to Chun Song Yun.

Kim Chang Wan, who plays Do Min Joon's lawyer Jang Young Mok, recently complimented Kim Soo Hyun.

"As an actor, he's very subtle and detailed," said Kim Chang Wan. "He is definitely an actor to keep your eye on."

He credits the drama's success to the fact that audiences are finding it easy to relate to the story.

"There are a lot of dramas in Korea right now and a drama is not just successful because of the directors and actors, but rather because the audience watches it."

And it helps that Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun almost kissed already. Viewers know that alien visitors such as Min Joon are not supposed to exchange saliva with earthlings, but they don't know what might happen.

In second place, "Miss Korea," the drama about an elevator girl who becomes a beauty pageant contestant, earned 7.7 percent of the viewers. The interaction between Lee Sun Kyun, who undertakes the project to save his dying company, and Lee Yeon Hee, the elevator girl, is fun to watch. He had a crush on her when he was in school and he has never forgotten her. While he sees her as a potential Miss Korea, she sees him as a potential suitor. But as his dating experience indicates, he is still not worthy of winning her heart. Lee Sun Kyun, the star of "Pasta" delivers a subtle and endearing performance. It's obvious that this drama is going to have a whole lot to say about what's beautiful, inside and out.

"Pretty Man," starring Jang Geun Suk and IU, remained in third place, dropping down to 4.3 percent of the ratings.

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