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Actor Kim Jae Won’s Wife Gives A Birth To A Baby Boy

Angela Son | Jan 01, 2014 07:29 PM EST

kim jae won

Actor Kim Jae Won became a father.

Kim Jae Won's wife gave a birth to a baby boy last December. Kim Jae Won in June of 2013 married a non celebrity girlfriend Ms. Park, and became a father in half a year. Ms. Park was three month pregnant with a baby at the time the two got married.

Kim Jae Won, who has always valued family over work, conducted the marriage not open to public, and did not deliver the news of the new baby even to his friends. A person from Kim Jae Won's agency said, "Even the agency was not aware of the news of the new baby. They say that he got a son a few days ago. I think that he did not let us know because he values the family, and does not want the family to be exposed to the media. The mother and the baby are healthy."

In related news, actor Kim Jae Won is going to star in the new MBC entertainment program "4 Sons And 1 Daughter," which premieres in January 3.

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