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Kim Yoo Mi's Glamorous Swimsuit Body

By Staff Writer | Jan 07, 2014 10:26 PM EST

Kim Yoo Mi's Glamorous Swimsuit Body
(Photo : JTBC)

Actress Kim Yoo Mi attracted viewers' attention with her swimsuit body.

On the JTBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Can We Love" (script Park Min Jung, director Kim Yun Cheol, producer Dramahouse) broadcast on January 6th, Kim Sun Mi (played by Kim Yoo Mi) was betrayed by her boyfriend.

On this episode, Kim Sun Mi went to an indoor pool as a fancy gold miss and at that place, overheard her boyfriend who said he was busy talk with her friend.

Her boyfriend said, "Are you going to keep meeting the woman that will fix your house?  Are you crazy! To keep meeting the old woman, she's a hag.  You're crazy to want to get married.  You didn't pick up the phone for a couple days and you'll drop out on your own."

Kim Yoo Mi was shocked at this backhanded gossip from her boyfriend and went into the water and cried, making her feel unfortunate.

On this episode, Kim Yoo Mi wore a one-piece black swimsuit and her short waistline and glamorous body attracted attention.

Netizens watched the episode saying, "She's unexpectedly glamorous" "The scene crying in the water was really heartfelt." "Kim Yoo Mi's prettier that she's dating" "Those boyfriends need to be scolded" and showed various reactions.

Meanwhile, at the end of the episode, Kim Sun Mi was upset at her boyfriend's gossip and went to his house, breaking all the furniture and props that she had gotten sponsored, as it was sweet to see comeback.

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