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Lee Yeon Hee Speaks Up About SM Entertainment’s Dating Policies

BY Chin D | Jan 10, 2014 09:18 AM EST

Lee Yeon Hee

Following the confirmation of Girls' Generation's Yoona's relationship with actor Lee Seung Gi, label mate Lee Yeon Hee talked about SM Entertainment's dating policies.

On January 8, the actress made a guest appearance on MBC's Radio Star, and during the interview, she was asked if there was anything she was opposed to regarding her company's rules.  She honestly answered, "I actually have a lot of complaints. They tell us that it's okay if we go out on dates as long as we don't get caught."

In response to her answer, MC Kyuhyun who is also from SM Entertainment said, "Basically, we're allowed to date but we shouldn't be seen in public." He added that it's difficult to go out without paparazzi and fans following them.

Regarding Yoona's relationship with Lee Seung Gi, Lee Yeon Hee shared that the couple initially didn't want to reveal their relationship. "It's not like they revealed it because they wanted to, but I think it's cool. It's great that the trend on dating is now changing."

Kyuhyun then jokingly said, "It's because Yeon Hee is not dating anyone," to which the actress answered, "Oh, how did you know?"

Catch Lee Yeon Hee on "Miss Korea" every Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC.

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