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Choi Jin Hyuk And Song Ji Hyo Examine Love And Divorce In "Emergency Couple"

BY Joan MacDonald | Jan 21, 2014 10:38 AM EST

Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo

Two upcoming dramas focus on a divorced couple meeting again and rekindling feelings.

"Cunning Single Lady" concerns a former wife who suddenly sees her ex as a worthy marriage partner. She tries to seduce him but he is only out for romantic revenge.

"Emergency Couple" places the two exes in a work situation together. And it's not just an office where they can avoid each other. They both work in a hospital where life and death situations force them to interact.

Choi Jin Hyuk, who recently starred in "The Heirs" and "Gu Family Book," plays hospital intern Oh Jang Min. Song Ji Hyo, who is the only female member of the variety show "Running Man," will play Oh Jin Hee.

"I've been doing variety shows for a while now but my original job is acting," said Song Ji Hyo, who starred in the film "A Frozen Flower," as well as the dramas "Princess Hours" "Jumong" and "The Fugitive of Joseon." "I've continued to act and because this is a present day drama, I feel like I need some adjustment time too."

Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk met before co-starring in this drama and it was on "Running Man."

"But even then we were on different teams so we didn't get close," said Choi Jin Hyuk.

However their first day of filming "Emergency Couple" did bring them closer.

"We had to shoot the teaser and the first scene was of us pulling each others' hair out," said Choi Jin Hyuk. "Because we pulled each other's hair as soon as we met, we became really close, really fast. Because Song Ji Hyo's personality is so easy-going and she is so considerate, it's a pleasure to work with her."

Song Ji Hyo may have done both present-day and historical dramas before but she has not yet played a divorced woman.

"It can be both difficult and fun to play a character who is divorced," said Song Ji Hyo.

The two characters they play married on an impulse in college then divorced quickly. Six years pass before the characters meet again and wonder if love could be sweeter the second time around.

Neither of the actors is married in real life. Nor will they be making any impulsive decisions.

"I want to wait," said Song Ji Hyo, 32. "I want to feel the freedom of being alone when I'm young. I think that if I were to regret marrying, I would rather regret it later. Although it would be nice later, I am satisfied with my life right now."

At 27 Choi Jin Hyuk has lost some of his earlier romantic notions of marriage.

"I saw it more romantically when I was younger," he said. "Strangely, my friends got married early so I see it differently now."

But when the weather's cold or he's had a rough day, he does occasionally think about having someone to share his life with.

The 20-episode drama begins Jan. 24.

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