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Kim Hyun Joong Sees Jin Se Yeon Leaving Car of Kim Jae Wook

By Staff Writer | Jan 31, 2014 11:16 PM EST


On the SBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "Generation of Youth" broadcast on January 30th, Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) saw Ok Ryun (played by Jin Se Yeon) getting out of Soo Ok (played by Kim Jae Wook)'s car.  With this, Jung Tae and Ok Ryun got in a love triangle with Soo Ok.

It gets to be Ok Ryun's birthday and dates Jung Tae but Jung Tae get involves in an unepxected battle and could not keep the promise with Ok Ryun.  At this, Soo Ok sees Ok Ryun who was waiting for Jung Tae all alone and approaches her as Soo Ok and Ok Ryun enjoy a great date.

Meanwhile, Jung Tae goes to the meeting place with Ok Ryun late and couldn't find Ok Ryun and ended up waiting in front of Ok Ryun's house.

At this time, Ok Ryun is done with the date with Soo Ok and comes home in his car and Jung Tae who was waiting for Ok Ryun and he meets him.  Ok Ryun is very cold to Soo Ok who was pursuing her and was upset at Jung Tae who didn't keep a promise and was especially sweet with Jung Tae saying, "I enjoyed it."   

Seeing this side of Ok Ryun, Jung Tae's expression was darker and pretended not to see Jung Tae and tried to go home.  As Jung Tae tried to hang onto Ok Ryun, Ok Ryun said, "Have you fought?  Did you fight and were you not able to come back?" and was upset.  With an apologetic mind, Jung Tae asked out Ok Ryun again and Ok Ryun decided to lose to him once again.

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