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Gary and Song Ji Hyo: A Match Made In Heaven, They Play Exes on “Emergency Couple.”

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 04, 2014 10:03 AM EST

Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary

Only a day ago, a fortuneteller on the SBS variety show "Running Man" told rapper, entertainer and songwriter Kang Gary and actress Song Ji Hyo that the couple was a match made in heaven. And now the couple will play a couple that broke up on her comedy "Emergency Couple."

"The two have good marital compatibility," said the fortuneteller. And apparently they make a good ex-couple.

Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo earned the nickname "Monday Couple" when Gary publicly confessed his love to Song Ji Hyo. Viewers hoped the two would indeed become a real-life couple. But in 2012, Song Ji Hyo's relationship with CEO Baek Chang Ju made the news. Viewers learned that Gary's love for Song Ji Hyo was at best a one-sided crush.

In an interview Gary once described his co-star as laid back, sweet and cute, a good younger colleague of his. When asked why they did not date, he said that someone like himself tends to mess up from time to time and might not be a good fit for her.

However serious Gary was about his friendly flirtation, the two continued to work together. They remain loyal and supportive friends. She appeared in concerts for his hip hop duo Leessang and now he has done a cameo for her comedy  

The producer of "Emergency Couple" invited Gary to play Song Ji Hyo's ex boyfriend.  It's not known whether he is a boyfriend that her character dated after divorcing Choi Jin Hyuk's character or a boyfriend she dated before they married. One thing is certain. There's nothing like a k-drama ex to make a man see a woman in a more positive light.

 "Gary willingly agreed on the cameo because of his close relationship with Song Ji Hyo," said "Emergency Couple" producer Yoon Hyun Ki. "He made everyone laugh with his wit and comical acting."

The cameo will be seen in the Feb. 6 episode. He finished filming the episode late at night.

 "I only met Song Ji Hyo on Monday but it was fun filming 'Emergency Couple' with her," said Gary. "I hope 'Emergency Couple' does well."

Song Ji Hyo thanked Gary for his cameo. His will be one of many cameo appearances in the comedy, which focuses on two exes who find themselves working as interns in the same hospital emergency room.

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