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'Emergency Man and Woman" Choi Jin Hyuk Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo And Lee Pil Mo

By Staff Writer | Feb 21, 2014 07:41 PM EST

'Emergency Man and Woman" Choi Jin Hyuk Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo And Lee Pil Mo
(Photo : tvN)

"Emergency Man and Woman" Choi Jin Hyuk witnessed Song Ji Hyo with Lee Pil Mo.

On the 8th episode of tvN "Emergency Man and Woman" broadcast on February 21st, Oh Chang Min (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) and started to get jealous of Oh Jin Hee (played by Song Ji Hyo) and Gook Chun Soo (played by Lee Pil Mo).

On this day, Oh Jin Hee asked Gook Chun Soo to take care of the treatment of the emergency patient and was able to save the patient with Gook Chun Soo's help.

The patient was treated and they two had meal at a restaurant near the restaurant.  Gook Chun Soo spent a great time with Oh Jin Hee giving her food.

Afterwards, the two said goodbye in front of the hospital.  At this time, Oh Chang Min saw that the two were together when he came out for a break.

Oh Jin Hee had been fighting a pink slip and had asked her uncle and Oh Chang Min started to get playfully jealous while being with Oh Jin Hee and Gook Chun Soo.

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