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Did Ji Chang Wook Become Ha Ji Won’s New Manager?

BY Chin D | Feb 26, 2014 07:36 AM EST


Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook from the MBC drama "Empress Ki" sat down for an interview with MBC's "Section TV" program.

During their photo shoot for the outdoor brand "North Cape", the two co-stars talked about their collaboration for the commercial. When asked who she wants to be with when she goes hiking in the mountains, Ha Ji Won answered, "Ji Chang Wook," to which he retorted, "She only wants someone who she can drag around and use."

With this, the actor talked about how he takes care of her when they're on the set of "Empress Ki", "Sometimes, I find it scary how much I had gotten used to helping her out. Because of this, I feel like I've become her manager."

On the topic of his female co-stars, Ji Chang Wook was asked who among Kim Seo Hyung, Baek Jin Hee and Ha Ji Won is his ideal type, and he answered, "I choose Ha Ji Won because she has a fit and healthy body, and she's not the type to get sick easily."

Ha Ji Won was flustered with his answer, and she said, "Would there actually be a real reason?"

At the end of the interview, Ji Chang Wook playfully sent a video message to Baek Jin Hee, who plays the antagonist Empress Tanashiri, and asked her not to harass Empress Ki anymore.

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