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Kim Kang Woo Comes Back To TV For First Time In Two Years

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 10, 2014 12:43 AM EDT


Actor Kim Kang Woo was cast in the KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Golden Cross (script Yoo Hyun Mi, director Hong Suk Kyu).

Kang Do Yoon is a prosecutor that thought, "if you feel unfair, then just succeed."  He's a good person and has a lot of love for his father and mother and sibling but once his sister is murdered, he goes through emotional pain and seeks revenge.

Kim Kang Woo comes back to the TV screen for the first time in two years after the 2012 KBS drama "The lovers of Hae Woon Dae."  Recently, he has played the characters, "The taste of money" "Marriage Before and After" "Jjirashi" "Dangerous Rumor" and it'll be interesting to see how he will capture the attention of viewers with his charisma.

"Golden Cross" is about a man's revenge after getting involved in a scheme.  He pledges loyalty to the ones who destroyed his family for his family's revenge and gets involved in a whirlwind as it will be an interesting sequence of events.

"Golden Cross" will be broadcast after "Generation of Youth" in April.

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