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'Golden Cross" Teaser, 33 Seconds Of Tension

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 27, 2014 07:05 PM EDT


"Golden Cross" released a teaser that was filled with tension.

On March 27th, the new KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "Golden Cross" released a teaser video with Kim Kang Woo's dramatic revenge.

In the trailer, there were scenes of a large city that slowly lit up from the dark as it changed, a car that was racing somewhere, and the top 0.001% that controlled Korea's economy from an unknown place.

More than this, Kang Do Yoon (played by Kim Kang Woo)'s father Lee Dae Yeon is forging documents looking nervous and Kim Kang Woo is running like crazy while his sister Suh Min Ji is lying on the streets with blood on her head as these strong images attracted the attention of viewers.

More than anything, with the caption, "We trace the greed of the top 0.001% of Korea, Kim Kang Woo showed a cold stare and an ambitious look in the dark as a man's destiny wavering in the face of revenge and absolute authority was shown.

With this, with Lee Shi Young who is foreshadowing a scene with her look and mysterious Han Eun Jung with a poker face and Uhm Ji Joon with his joker smile, many characters were released.

Meanwhile, "Golden Cross" featuring the top 0.001% of Korea features Kim Kang Woo, Lee SHi Young, Uhm Ki Joon, and Han Eun Jung and is a revenge story of a passionate prosecutor who gets involved In a scheme of the top 0.001% of Korea.  It will be first broadcast after "Generation of Youth" on April 9th.

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