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Lee Min Ho Receives International Love Calls

Angela Son | Jun 23, 2014 10:43 AM EDT

song ji hyo park shin hye lee min ho song hye kyo

While actor Lee Min Ho is currently filming an action noir movie "Kang Nam Blues" directed by Yoo Ha, international agencies are sending him love calls to film the next project with them. According to actor Lee Min Ho's agency Star Haus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho received over a hundred movie scenarios and drama scripts this year. A spokesperson from actor Lee Min Ho's agency Star Haus Entertainment said, "We appreciate the interests and suggestions we receive. Because it is impossible for him to star in all drama and movie suggestions he receives, we are reading all of the scripts and sending back feedbacks to the agencies as soon as we can." Entertainment specialists are analyzing that the reason for Lee Min Ho's international love calls is because he is an actor that skillfully expresses any character he is given.

Lee Min Ho has starred in movies and dramas that showed different sides of his characters. In the drama "Boys Over Flowers" he was an immature high school student. In "City Hunter," he was a coldblooded killer. And in "The Heirs," he was a romantic guy who gave up his throne for love. Currently, actor Lee Min Ho is filming an action noir movie "Kang Nam Blues" directed by Yoo Ha. 

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