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Seo In Guk Chooses Between Acting And Singing

BY Chin D | Jun 24, 2014 12:10 PM EDT

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Seo In Guk InStyle
Seo In Guk InStyle
Seo In Guk InStyle

Seo In Guk showed his manly yet playful charms as he modelled for "InStyle."

With his trademark smile and pleasant attitude, Seo In Guk comfortably posed for the camera and exuded his usual brand of laidback charisma while wearing a handsome combination of solid colors and patterns.

Because he is known as both a singer and an actor, he was asked to choose between the two professions, to which he answered, "I'm ambidextrous, and asking me to choose between being a singer and an actor is like asking me to use only one hand."

He added, "It's a difficult question to answer, but after thinking about it, I realized that the correct thing to say is I should exert my best effort in whatever I'm doing."

On his life before joining "Superstar K," he shared, "I didn't have money before I joined the program, so my friends took turns in inviting me over at their house for a place to stay. I think of the past often as to not forget where I came from, and to retain my mindset when I was beginning."

Catch Seo In Guk on "High School King of Savvy" every Monday and Tuesday on tvN.

Meanwhile, treat yourself to the powerful and melodious voice of Seo In Guk in his new Japanese single "Hug."

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