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Lee Joon Gi Wants To Date Freely And Party Hard

BY Chin D | Jul 23, 2014 01:08 PM EDT

Lee Joon Gi

Being one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry may seem like fun and games, but actor Lee Joon Gi admits to being restricted because of his popularity.

During the press conference for his drama "The Joseon Gunman," Lee Joon Gi expressed, "It's not difficult being an actor, but there are times when I think about how free I would become if people see me as the human Lee Joon Gi, a human who has the same interests and desires."

The actor added, "Everyone feels pressured at some point; there are days when I'm happy, and there are also days when I'm tired."

"It is human nature to want to be someone else, that's why being an actor is amusing for me; I have so many characters I could bring to life, and each time I become a new person, I feel so excited," he expressed.

However, he explains a more unfortunate side to the story of fame, saying, "Being an actor makes me forget that I am also the human Lee Joon Gi, and because of this, I have a great desire of being free."

"I want to be able to date freely like other men my age, and I also want to party hard. I can't do this because the public eye is on me, and there are restrictions, so when I feel like it, I go to a club wearing a mask," he concluded.

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